This should be the page about Mark, what he is interested in and what he is working on.

About Edit

Mark blogs at: geekyoto email:

Interests Edit

  • Design / Art / Activism
  • Urban design
  • Stacktivism
  • Privacy / Surveillance

Projects Edit

Reading List Edit

Books, articles and websites / postings that I think are useful for the above projects / interests. Noting it here does not mean i have read it.

  • The Society of the Spectacle
  • The Beach Beneath the Streets
  • Explore Everything
  • Bldgblog ( & book)
  • A thousand Plateaus
  • War in the age of intelligent machines
  • Splintering Urbanism
  • Communications & The City
  • Communications Power
  • Cities Under Siege
  • Violent London
  • Riot City
  • Manual II Gregory Green

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